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DF GREY: Formulated expressly for the FORM 2 3D Printer
DF Grey has been exhaustively tested on the FORM 2 and is currently used for batch production at several boutique manufacturing studios. It was expressly developed as a high end alternative to far more expensive first party resins.
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DF Grey is formulated to work with DLP and SLA 3D printers using 385-405 nm light. It is specifically tuned to print in open mode on the Form2 3D printer, with print setting on Grey V4. DF Grey will extend the window lifetime of PDMS window interfaces. This resin reliably produces prints with low shrinkage as well as good positive and negative resolution.

Technical Data
Chemical Data Method Viscosity (cps @25 °C 1510 Brookfield SP #31 Fresh Print Post-cured Tensile Modulus (mPa) 350 730 ASTM D 638-14 Tensile Strength (mPa) 17 32 ASTM D 638-14 Elongation (%) 21 13 ASTM D 638-14

Shore Hardness
64 D
82 D
*Parts are post-cured for 10 min a side with a 395-405 nm LED at 10 mW/cm2.
*Properties may vary with orientation and post-treatment.

Post Cure Procedure Parts should be post cured under a 385-405 nm LED for 10 minutes on a side at a minimum of 10 mW/cm2 to bring the parts up to their full post-cured properties.

We back the quality of our material completely. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality and print detail of your parts you may return the unused portion ( at least 50% of the material ) to us for a full refund.