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DF Grey: Form 2 Printing Resin 3 Liters FREE U.S. SHIPPING


Product Description

High resolution, good strength and strong material performance for dsigners and engineers of all types to perfect their designs and concepts.

Product Features

  • For SLA Printers / Laster-based printers, calibrated ton formlabs’ Form2, formlabs VAT friendly (extensively tested)
  • High tensile strength (50-55Mpa) with balanced elongation (2-6%)
  • Capture the finest details of your print, smooth finish survace, accurate and robust
  • Quick Setupin PreForm: Printer Model select: Form1+ or Form2/Material select. White & V1
  • Investment Casting burn out: 1,100°C/2,012°F, 1 hour (single step)
  • VOC Free

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs

We back the quality of our material completely. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality and print detail of your parts you may return the unused portion ( at least 50% of the material ) to us for a full refund.