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A Fantastic Alternative To First Party Resin
This is a super high resolution capable resin: Print at 0.1 , 0.05 and 0.025 mm. Its high strength and can manage thin walls with no deformation. Recommended for highly detailed outputs, it is highly suitable for jewelry and fine outputs. There are no additives or unnecessary dilutants that would detract from the formulation. Truly the best value 3rd party resin you will find. Drop us an e-mail if you ever decide to buy our DF Grey in pails, we can certainly provide an added discount.

DF Grey Gives The Smack Down To All Other 3rd Party Resins Available
We personally shopped around and used the two most prominent 3rd party resins out there and were very disappointed. In fact, that is the reason that DF Grey came into being. The frustration at the price/quality that is currently available compelled our parent company to engineer a custom resin of their own. One companies reason simply didn’t work in the Form2 as advertised. The other companies resin was cheap but was particularly sticky and we found wasted 30% of the resin in the VAT just because it never released from the part! Oh they’d like you to think that it’s cheap, but guess what, it’s not. Too many additives and dilutants.

Our Guarantee
We back the quality of our material completely. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality and print detail of your parts you may return the unused portion ( at least 50% of the material ) to us for a full refund.