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3D Resins Made
For Artists By Artists

Our parent company The Collectors Showcase had a need for a cheaper and stronger material than offered by Formlabs themselves. We tried all of the 3rd party material available. The results were confounding. Advertised as viable alternatives to Formlabs we found that all of these 3D print resins were anything but. Most had additives that made them too pliable even after their cure. Most simply wouldn’t hold paint as the surface was too oily. Others simply failed to print at all. We decided to formulate the optimal printing material for all of our modeling needs. After months of testing DFGREY was born.

3D printing material made for 3D artists by 3D artists. We’re not just some chemical lab working to simply create material that we can sell off in a busy marketplace. We’re a company that developed our very own formulation to use in house on our very own production line. With the success we’ve had testing and formulating our resin in the past two years we know we have the best printing resin out there. We sold loads of material when the Form2 came and when the Form3 was issued we closed the site to sales while we reformulated and made certain our formulation would work for both machines. This exclusive material that we use on all of our printing farm machines has been in use for over two years. Tested over and over again, tweaked were necessary.

Success. What we developed was a high speed material that is stronger and faster than all other resins out there. How’s that possible? Our binding polymers cohere at high temperature to create a sheeting action that overcomes most build line matrixes. Simply put if you print at 0.1mm layers you’ll have the same or close to outcome as if you built at .05mm micron layer. Your print time will be shortened by 30-40%. Don’t just take our word for it, try a liter. If you’re not convinced that our material isn’t the fastest and strongest that you’ve used simply return at least half of the unused portion for a full refund.

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Got A Question?