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DigitalForge3D has spent months on our custom DF Grey formulation. This material has gone through extensive trials so that it would meet, and beat, all print expectations. It is strong enough to maintain rigidity during print generation yet pliable enough to ensure that parts do not become over brittle and break. In fact, this material is used by our parent company as not only a product prototyping material but as an actual production material used in small batch product runs ( See the myriad of products that our parent company has produced with DF Grey at : ).

As manufacturing costs have risen in China our parent company made a decision to move some small product runs back to the United States. It was at this time that TCS decided to begin work on their own uv curable resin. A formulation that would work on the large bank of Form2 printers in inventory. After many months an excellent formulation was created. It is this uv curable resin that is used today: with excellent results. We now offer this incredible resin at half the price of 1st party resins.

Note: Your material needs may be greater than 100-200kg, so please contact us for special pricing on larger quantities. And happy printing!

Questions? Need Larger Quantities of Resin? Contact Us: