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DF GREY is low viscosity and releases itself from your completed part back into the VAT, where it belongs!
Additives and dilutants: it’s how chemical engineers maximize profits in the resin industry. But by adding those unnecessary ingredients they create UV resin with heavy viscosity. In other words it’s as thick as honey and sticks like honey too.

Ever notice your pre-form resin usage estimator never seems to gel with what remains in your VAT after your build? It’s because an extra 35% of that 3rd party material you thought was so cheap is sticking to your part like honey: only to be washed away in your alcohol bath never to be seen again. Now add 35% back on to the $60.00 liter of resin, and it actually costs you $81.00 a liter after waste. But that doesn’t even calculate the deformation you’re experiencing with those thin walls needed to save material.

Wall thickness-
In a batch production environment thinner walls mean money saved on resin usage, we all know that. But when you’re using that 3rd party resin that you think you’re saving money with, you’re not. It’s costing you more! Your walls start to deform if they are too thin. It’s not you and your set up: it’s that 3rd party resin you’re using. With DF Grey you’ll get a formulation that is made with plenty of hardener. So you can actually make your walls thinner and save on material. That cheap $60.00 liter is actually costing you close to $100.00 when compared to DF GREY.

DF GREY has plenty of hardener allowing you to create thin walled geometry that holds up! Allowing you to use less material per part.